Thermal Insulated
Category:Opening Systems

 EL 5600 It covers the particular needs of architects, with exceptional level of water tightness and wind pressure until 450 Pa for certified double sash frame in the largest dimensions 2.33m x 2.33m (10 Beaufort storm with 89-102 km/h wind speed, causing important damage). Excellent thermal insulation and sound reduction. Certified burglary resistance of WK2 category.


 Main characteristics 

  •   Firm thermal insulating system
  •   It is recommended for large frames
  •   Certified at the ift Rosenheim institute in the largest dimensions (2.33m x 2.33m).
  •   Thermal transmittance rate Uf= 2,5 W/(m2*K)
  •   High level of thermal insulation with 22mm glass-fibre reinforced poly amide
  •   Certified burglar resistance WK2 (Ift Rosenheim)
  •   Internal joint corner with set up holes for the hinges for optimal stabilization
  •   High level of insulation thanks to the use of EPDM sealing gaskets
  •   Water tightness: 900 Pa in single sash with fixed sub-light (13 Beaufort cyclone)
  •   Air permeability: category 4, which is the highest one.
  •   Available in linear and curvy shapes
  •   Part of ELVIAL's European License


Frame dimensions 

Width 66,9 mm, 75,2 mm, 100,6 mm, 104 mm, 125 mm, 180 mm - Height 56,3 mm 69 mm και 76,5 mm

Sash dimensions 

Width 75,2 mm - Height 79,9 mm, 101 mm. 


Maximum sash dimensions mm                    Width 1350 mm - Height 2350 mm

Minimum sash dimensions  mm                    Width 310 mm - Height 400 mm

Maximum sash weight                                 90 Kg

Glass thickness                                          10 mm to 48 mm




Burglar Resistance  Profiles Thermal  Air permeability  Water tightness  Resistance to                              transmittance                                                     wind load                                   Rate (Uf)                                                                                 WK2              2.5 W/(m2*K)         Cat. 4             Cat. E900          Cat. C5/B5 

    Dimensions:                                 Dimensions:      Dimensions:      Dimensions: 

  1400Χ2200mm                              2362Χ2407mm   1407Χ2500mm  1207Χ2407mm