Thermal Insulated
Category:Sliding Systems

EL 6700 THERMOBLOCK is ideal for manufacturing insulating sliding frames. The technical characteristics of this system guarantee large openings with excellent ergonomic and high levels of thermal insulation, sound reduction, security and of course full use of space. The modern design of EL 6700 profiles offers frames with high aesthetic and dynamic style.


Main characteristics

  • Available in sliding variant but also in lift & sliding variant for a better tightness.
  • Firm system with elegant, frugal shape
  • Thermal transmittance rate Uf= 3,7 W/(m2*K)
  • Ideal for large frames (width up to 4 m for double sash frames)
  • High level of thermal insulation thanks to the use of glass-fiber reinforced polyamide of 24mm, 22mm & 18mm
  • Specially designed sealing gaskets for door frames, hook dowels and dowels for double-sash frames.
  • Smooth sliding thanks to the use of an inox track
  • Maximum glazing thickness 24mm.
  • Available only in linear shape.


Frame dimensions           Width 50,9 mm to 174,1 mm - Height 47 mm

Sash dimensions             Width 46 mm – Height 85,5 mm  


Maximum sash dimensions for regular sliding frame    Width 2000 mm - Height 2350 mm

Minimum sash dimensions for regular sliding frame     Width 300 mm - Height 400 mm

Maximum sash weight for regular sliding frame          90 Kg

Glass thickness 14 mm, 24 mm & 27 mm  



              Profiles Thermal Transmittance Rate(Uf)  

                                    3.7 W/(m2*K)