Eco-thinking: saving energy and protecting the environment!

EfficiencyToday more than ever, Sealhouse remains fixed in the common effort for saving energy, which can contribute drastically in the reduction of the environmental pollution. For this particular reason, Sealhouse develops aluminium systems that contribute in the reduction of our needs for energy.

Thus, Sealhouse created the thermal insulating systems using the Ecosafe technology, which are the result of long-lasting research and advanced design. Sealhouse’s thermal insulating aluminium systems using Ecosafe technology constitute an ideal and secure choice for reducing the consumption of energy for heating and cooling. The first infix (eco) witnesses the saving of energy through high thermal insulation and the contribution in the protection of the environment, while the second one (safe) stresses the excellent characteristics of safety that Sealhouse systems and particularly Multilock systems offer in terms of burglary resistance.

Thanks to the design of advanced systems and the use of a special glass-fiber reinforced polyamide that is placed in the aluminum profile, Sealhouse ensures high levels of thermal insulation and this is why the Ecosafe technology systems constitute a radical solution for saving energy in winter and summertime.

Moreover, thanks to the thermal insulating aluminium frames, we produce less pollutants and CO2 emissions, while in the meantime, we consume less heating oil and consequently we limit the greenhouse phenomenon, which is accountable for the climatic changes on our planet.

Thus, by choosing Sealhouse Ecosafe technology aluminium systems, you contribute in offering to the next generations a clean and safe planet, as they deserve it!

Sealhouse Ecosafe technology aluminium systems.
The natural choice for your safety.