PVC Windows

Sliding Systems (PVC)

 It is the ideal solution where space saving and flexibility in the construction are imposed. Their modern design corresponds perfectly to all manufactures and offers thermal insulation, sound reduction, safety, robustness and excellent functionalism. In combination with fly screens and shutters or rolling shutters, built-in the wall successive frame or external, they offer all attributes and advantages of PVC.

Opening Systems (PVC)

 It is the ideal solution for houses and modern buildings. They cover all architectural requirements and they are available in many types and drawings with shutters or rolling shutters. They offer high levels of thermal insulation and sound reduction, as well as high safety. Also, the frugal lines and the perfect application give a unique sense of perfection. The Basic characteristic all opening Sealhouse windows and doors is the burglary resistance that they provide, certified in the most reputable institute of trials.

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