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Thermal Insulated

Category:Aluminum Glass Doors

 EL 5600 It covers the particular needs of architects, with exceptional level of water tightness and wind pressure until 450 Pa for certified double sash frame in the largest dimensions 2.33m x 2.33m (10 Beaufort storm with 89-102 km/h wind speed, causing important damage).


Thermal Insulated

Category:Aluminum Glass Doors

 EL 8000 MAIN ENTRANCE system is an innovative system for the construction of main entrances. Its strict design give prestige to main entrances, which are the first frames that someone usually sees in your house.

Main characteristics

  • Coplanar system with linear shape
  • High security level using multiple locking mechanism and tubular outer covers.
  • Firm thermal insulating system for main entrances with 77mm sash and frame thickness
  • 24X6 U-type locks can be installed
  • It accepts heavily type hinges (visible and hidden)
  • Recommended for big openings (1350mm X 2500mm with hidden hinges)
  • It is also recommended for public buildings (accepts panic bars)
  • For frequent use
  • Possibility to manufacture all kinds of entrances
  • It offers excellent insulation through the use of automatic airlocks or the placement of bottom frame
  • It accepts all types of automatisms (automatic opening with electro mechanism, system of finger imprint identification, card, code etc.) 


Frame dimensions    Width 77 mm - Height 67,5 mm

Sash dimensions      Width 77 mm – Height 98,2 mm  


Maximum single sash entrance dimensions  Width 1400 mm - Height 2350 mm using 3                                                             triple hinges TURBAND 4                                                                                  Width 1450 mm - Height 2550 mm using 3                                                             invisible hinges VL-Band AL                                        

Minimum double sash entrance dimensions  Width - Height                                                                                                Width 2700 mm - Height 2350 mm using 3                                                             triple hinges TURBAND 4                                                                                  Width 2800 mm - Height 2550 mm using 3                                                             invisible hinges VL-Band AL

Maximum sash weight                             220 kg using 3 triple hinges TURBAND 4                                                                150 kg using 3 invisible hinges VL-Band AL


CAUTION: The maximum weight cannot be reached in case of maximum dimensions



Category:Folding Systems

 EL 8200 offers unlimited possibilities for covering very large doors and provides excellent tightness and lucidity thanks to the minimal presence of aluminum. This unique system for folding doors give the possibility to create multiple structures up to 3 m height and 0,8 m width per sash, without a horizontal partition for an excellent aesthetic result.



Category:Shading Systems

 EL 8100 Innovative shutter system which gives the appearance of old wooden shutters on modern aluminum constructions. Its design, that combines technical excellence with aesthetics perfection, guarantees a shutter with lasting value. Moreover, Elvial gives you the possibility to give to your shutters the aesthetic result that you wish since you can use stable, mobile venetian blinds or ovalines, depending on your preferences. Elvial is also giving you the possibility to create also shutters with French type opening.



Category:Shading Systems

 We created through continuous research a modern and perfect thermal insulating rolling shutters system with excellent finish. It corresponds to modern requirements for energy saving, while in the meantime it provides safety



Category:Shading Systems

 The rolling shutter shade the interior and protect from sunlight and heat during the summer months while also providing thermal insulation in winter. Operate in 3 ways: tape coiler hand-crank and tubular motor operation for easy use by pressing a button locating on the wall or using a remote control from a distance you can upload or download one or more shutters 



Category:Screen Systems

Horizontal insect screen systems are available in 41mm cassette & 32 mm cassette for windows or doors.



Category:Screen Systems

 Vertical insect screen is the ideal protection system for windows. Although the operation of this system is manual it becomes semi-automatic thanks to a spring device.


Category:Screen Systems

 Hinged door is the ideal insect screen for main entrance and kitchen doors. Three types of net available: fiberglass, pet screen and aluminum. Feasibly possible to use either a hinge with spring or a door-check.

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