Multilock systems!

image1 zoomThe daily danger from the increasing number of burglaries and the lack of safety at home has lead to the creation of secure doors and windows. Taken for granted that a certain point of security is nowadays insufficient, Sealhouse has innovated with its range of Multilock Systems with a perimetric security mechanism, which has obtained an international certification from the world’s most valuable institute “Ift Rosenheim” and owns a patent valid in 25 European countries.

Multilock Systems makes burglars’ effort troublesome and unsuccessful, since it secures the frame perimetrically up to 19 points, with special steel mechanisms and a secure (triplex) glazing of special thickness and specifications.  A particular advantage of the MULTILOCK systems is its extra-security virtue even in the tilt position.

The leading range of Multilock Systems burglarproof frames has also excellent technical characteristics of air-permeability, water tightness, thermal insulation, sound reduction and is a shield for your house.

To touch upon the highest levels, secure your house as better as you can, so that it cannot be broken into, even if sometimes we wanted to…why? Because… we have a series of complaints by locksmiths.

Multilock Systems with perimetrical locking points and burglarproof protection are distributed only by Sealhouse company and they represent an innovation in terms  of high quality and safety.

As a result, the dynamic combination of safety with elegance and design is called multilock systems.